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E-Tower was founded in 2001 to bring together the highest level entrepreneurs into one living community at Babson College. Through its development, eTower has become the most valued space on campus. Special guests and unique events attract students from all over to eTower's common room. Since inception, eTower companies are valued at over $2,500,000,000 and employ thousands of people.


About Us

eTower is home to 21 student entrepreneurs who are founders of their own startup companies.




Founding Year

$2.5 Billion

Company Valuation
7:00PM EST

Tariq Cherif

Co-Founder, Rolling Loud


What our residents are up to

I built and sold a billion dollar reverse-selling ticket agency. Now I spend my time angel investing and helping Babson startups.
Jason Shatsky
Founder, TicketRev
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Alexander Fantappie
CEO of Avanti
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Alexander Fantappie
CEO of Avanti
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Ryan Laverty
COO of Arist

Our Residents

Our 21 residents combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. Check us out below!

Jason Shatsky

Jason is a senior from Boca Raton, Florida passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. He is a Co-Founder of TicketRev — a reverse marketplace making it easier to buy and resell event tickets. Jason previously built Other interests include music, sports, and sneakers. As eTower President, Jason is responsible for planning events, maintaining relationships with our board, and overseeing all other aspects of the organization.

Alex Fantappie
Vice President

Alex is a senior at Babson. He is working on a startup called Avanti, which connects high school students with local, gig-type jobs. Alex is from Los Angeles and in his free time he loves to spend time with friends, travel, and eat good food.

Drew Yashar
Community Manager

Drew is a sophomore at Babson and currently serves as  Community Manager. He is passionate about the healthcare industry and the venture capital space, and has interned for firms in both of those sectors. He is from San Diego and in his free time he likes to go hiking.

Alicia Sibole
VP of Alumni
Alicia's Life Tips

Alicia is passionate about optimizing systems and processes to increase efficiency and productivity both on the individual and organizational levels. For 7 years, Alicia has been helping her peers Dream, Plan, and Achieve their goals through time management and stress management skills. Her blog, consulting services, and customized planners are changing the way we view achievement. Alicia is currently utilizing her skills at Calyx Containers as a Strategic Project Manager, working with the founders to streamline company processes.

James Truslow
Marketing Coordinator in the Sports Card Industry

James is passionate about the continued success and evolution of Babson College’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, previously serving as a student intern for Babson’s 2019 Summer Venture Program and for the Blank Center for Entrepreneurship during the 2019-20 academic year. Professionally, James currently contributes his talents to the marketing efforts of a growing company in the sports card industry. Personally, James loves Red Sox baseball, “the old Kanye,” and most of all time spent with his family and friends.

Jose Rodriguez Odon

Jose is part of the class of 2023, was born in Venezuela, and is passionate about the digital marketing space. He loves taking about data and is always down to brainstorm. He co-founded LGBT50, an LGBTQ+ Influencer Management Agency, with two fellow Babson students. They currently have 40+ influencers with an aggregate social media presence of 35+ million on TikTok and Instagram.

Alisson Amaral
College Spot
Founder, EduQ Prep College

Alisson is from Fortaleza, Brazil. He is passionate about learning new things, specially skills that he can apply to his daily life. He is not afraid of taking new opportunities and overnight changes. He founded EduQ Prep College with two other partners in 2017, and their mission is to provide a high quality and affordable consulting service for high school students that want to apply to college!

Hayoung Park
The Hyp

Hayoung is the founder of HYP, the social bidding platform for exclusive releases. HYP allows users to link their Instagram to flex and compete in front of the world for exclusive drops.

Eric Lindholm
Vice President of Communication
Founder, Coin Scope

Eric is the founder of Coin Scope. Coin Scope is a numismatic company that helps collectors build top quality, registry set collections. We personally work with all our clients to help them secure coins that best suit the specific needs of that collection. We travel to major coin shows across the country and have an online presence on eBay.

Liam Callahan
Buzzer Beater Media

Liam is a senior interested in social media marketing and content creation. He currently works with Slam magazine as a videographer and photographer covering high school, college, and NBA games. Liam serves as the VP of Marketing and is looking forward to expanding the brand of eTower and creating content for our social media pages.

Zarius Dubash
Vice President of Finance
Wear Zaris

Zarius is a Diversity Leadership Scholar concentrating in Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Design. He's passionate about the intersection of people and technology, especially in the Internet of Things field. He is currently working to implement IoT for small businesses and nonprofits in pursuit of social impact. Zarius enjoys tennis and skiing, and lives his life with respect to Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds.

Sumukh Setty
Venture Fellow, Rough Draft Ventures

Sumukh is currently a senior studying entrepreneurship. Sumukh currently hosts weekly AMAs under his initiative Common Room, aiming to create uncommon conversations. He formerly ran Teendemy, a platform to teach teens life skills not taught in high school. He formerly served as President of eTower for 2019 and previously worked for Contrary Capital and Rough Draft Ventures. Sumukh also ran TILE, the world’s largest conversation series. He curated and led two TEDx events at his high school, and has been recognized as a Bank of America Student Leader.

Jonathan DiModica
Boston Got Sole
Founder, New York Got Sole
Founder, Your Local Lemonade Stand

Jonathan is an outgoing, unique, and hardworking person. He founded Boston Got Sole in 2013 and has been chasing the dream since. His other passions include music (Kanye West, Frank Sinatra, big variety), sports (Hockey, Golf, and more), and creating memories while building relationships with his loved ones.

Jake D'Souza
Slick Blaster

Jake is a sophomore from Seattle, Washington. He is currently developing Slick Blaster, an online platform to help promote underground and unsigned hip-hop artists. He is also planning to host and promote concerts for these artists post-COVID. Additionally, Jake buys and sells limited edition sneakers and vintage clothing.

Ansh Chopra
Vice President of Web Development

Ansh is a sophomore at Babson and the co-founder of Rant, a social media startup that allows users to send disappearing voice messages. He is passionate about design and user experience.

Tyler Ratanamongkala-Bray
TK Trailer Parts

Tyler is a Nationally Recognized Business Owner/Entrepreneur with experience directing successful Sales, Warehouse Operations, Marketing, Distribution and E-Commerce efforts with a focus on trailer parts. My diverse skill set is aided by unmatched energy to create authentic, strong partnerships with suppliers, vendors, and clients. Currently, I manage 6 businesses that have achieved a combined revenue of $10M annually. Each business uniquely supplements one another. As a result, I was awarded "Inc. 5000" 1,972 fastest growing companies in U.S., one of the youngest recipients.Skills include, but are not limited to:• Leadership & Team Development• Entrepreneurship• Sales & Digital Marketing• Warehouse Operations Management• Budgeting & Financial Acumen• Public Speaking• Negotiation• Business Development• Client Communications• InnovationWant to connect? Email me at

Maya Gupta
Founder, Tempted

Maya is a current senior at Babson, graduating December 2020. She’s passionate about startups of all kinds, but finds the intersection of technology and beauty particularly exciting. Currently, she’s working on building a fragrance brand designed to be as spontaneous and diverse as the women around us. As eTower’s current president, she’s working to bring exciting new entrepreneurs of all industries to share their stories with the community. She’s always happy to grab coffee and get to know founders, innovators and passionate people of all kinds!

Aishwarya Suresh
Co-Founder of

Aishwarya Suresh is a Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership (CWEL) scholar concentrating in Finance. She is very passionate about addressing the opportunity gap in education, and is currently working on a recruiting application in hopes to address that. She is very excited about the intersection between technology and entrepreneurship. Her hobbies include playing Field Hockey and hiking.

Ashley Lim
Co-Founder of MyTeach

Ashley is a second-year student with passions in social justice, education, mental health, and technology. Although Ashley does not currently have an established venture, her latest project is called "MyTeach," which is essentially the reversed version of

Will Huebner
Vice President of Communications
Co-Founder of

Will is the co-founder of LGBT50, an influencer marketing company that sells pro-LGBTQ+ merchandise and manages LGBTQ+ influencers on TikTok and Instagram and connects them with brands and music artists for promotions. LGBT50 donate 50% of their company’s earnings to LGBTQ+ charities.

Riley Meredith
Co-Founder of

Riley is a sophomore at Babson from Modesto, Illinois. She has a passion for anything written, which she has applied to Get It Write, a freelance editing service for college students and to Trend Events, an event planning service for college campuses.

Matt Barrett
Co-Founder of
Daily Florida Man

Matt is a sophomore from Manchester, New Hampshire passionate about real estate investing and social media marketing. He is currently in the process of earning his Massachusetts real estate license and works as a property manager in New Hampshire. Matt also founded, an Instagram page highlighting the strangeness of Florida residents. Since March 2019, the page has obtained over 80k followers. Matt’s other interests include history and geography.

Sam Mendel
Co-Founder of

Sam is the co-founder of Rant, a communication platform to exchange disappearing voice chats with friends. He has prior experience with consumer tech startups, inventions/provisional patents, robotics, and renewable energy. Loves to brainstorm new ideas, talk growth strategies, and learn about new tech!

Richard Gwinn

Richard is a sophomore from Boston, Massachusetts. His primary interests are entrepreneurship, real estate, history, technology, and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, he has been mining Bitcoin and managing video game servers since 2013. He is currently studying to get his Massachusetts real estate license.

Sree Dasari
Founder of 

Sree Dasari is a sophomore from Cumberland, RI. She is the Co-Founder of VADATI, a software that helps people enhance their presentations and overcome their public speaking anxiety by way of Virtual Reality technology and a heart rate analysis algorithm. Sree is also a Presidential and Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership (CWEL) scholar at Babson and loves to drive, eat good food, spend time with friends, and watch good shows.

Our Companies

Board Of Advisors

The eTower Board of Advisors work directly with the current eBoard members to ensure our success.

Diana Yuan
eTower Alum '15
Andrew Foley
eTower Alum '03
Gautam Gupta
eTower Alum '07
Chris Jacobs
eTower Alum '10
Michael Mandel
eTower Alum '05
Ryan Laverty
Student Advisor