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  • Who are we?

    eTower is the leading student-run entrepreneurship living community at Babson College. We strive to bring together entrepreneurs of all kinds to foster the passion of entrepreneurship and to inspire, motivate, mentor, and support not only our fellow members but the entire Babson community.

  • What do we do?

    Young Entrepreneurs Conference

    When: September 2018

    eTower will be hosting its fourth annual Young Entrepreneurs Conference in the fall of 2018. More information to come later.

    Guest Speakers

    When: Every Wednesday @ 9PM

    Every week eTower hosts a special guest speaker to have him/her share his/her experiences, insights, and advice. We invite anyone to come attend!

  • Meet Our Residents

    Ask us what we're building!

    Ryan Laverty


    President of eTower, Founder at Learn to SpeakOut


    As the president for the 2018 year, Ryan is excited to lead eTower in a rebranding and transformation into a true entrepreneurial incubator. He is also the founder of Learn to SpeakOut, a presentation coaching business aimed at teaching public speaking to corporate executives.

    Carly Lugus


    Vice President of eTower


    Carly is super passionate about building and developing products and services that add value to the lives of others. She is currently focused on the Fintech industry and is actively working on projects within the blockchain space.

    Daniel Brassloff


    Community Manager of eTower, Founder at MuggedCake by Uncontained LLC


    Daniel is an operations and social impact passionate person that loves entrepreneurship. He truly believes the intersection of social responsibility and business is the way of the future. His company makes instant, sustainable, and long-lasting mug cakes that just happen to be gluten-free and nut-free.

    Noah Doris


    Head of Communications at eTower, Founder of Goba Tea


    Noah is a Sophomore from Miami, Florida. He is interested in Entrepreneurship and Real Estate, and focused on action and growth both personally and professionally. He is the founder of Goba Tea. Goba Tea makes the first stress-reducing vitamin infused bubble tea as a platform to refresh people's minds through the avenue of taste.

    Harsha Atluri


    Resident, Founder at HAR resale


    Harsha (aka Htrain) is from Houston, TX. Harsha has been an entrepreneur for over a decade and can sell anything. Aside from owning his own Fulfillment By Amazon business, he’s also a licensed Realtor®, security officer, and loves all things tattoos, trucks, and turning a profit. Harsha is currently in his sixth and final semester at eTower.

    Jonathan Marchetti


    Resident, Founder at Rolo


    Jon is a senior in eTower with a concentration in Business Analytics. He’s been a self starter and entrepreneur his whole life, finding scrappy ways to increase cash flow and gain experience. He’s had a hand in nearly all aspects of entrepreneurship and startups, including as a Venture Partner with Contrary Capital, working with Babson’s own Cleancult, and his startup, Rolo.

    Jake Casillas




    Jake is currently concentrating in Environmental Sustainability and Entrepreneurship. He has a passion for learning more, and he is eager to leverage his entrepreneurial personality with a venture that focuses primarily on adding value to society. His interests lie primarily in renewable energies, and he is working towards owning and operating his own solar or wind farm.

    Lauren Mariano




    At E-Tower, Lauren is fundamentally a hype girl for all things entrepreneurship. Living at eTower has reinforced her passion for the game of squash, as she is hoping to launch a boutique fitness startup involving the sport in the future. Currently, she is a junior concentrating in Global Business Management and a member of the professional fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi.

    April Chen


    Resident, Founder at Gentle


    Aside from being a student entrepreneur, April likes finding other avenues for creativity and storytelling, whether that be through graphic design, dance, handlettering, writing or spoken word. She also enjoys learning (binge listening to podcasts), and is constantly looking for inspiration (stalking people on Instagram).

    Jonathan DiModica


    Resident, Founder at Boston Got Sole


    Jonathan is an outgoing, unique, and hardworking person. He founded Boston Got Sole in 2013 and has been chasing the dream since. His other passions include music (Kanye West, Frank Sinatra, big variety), sports (Hockey, Golf, and more), and creating memories while building relationships with his loved ones.

    Maya Mutalik


    Resident, Founder at Hope Sews


    Maya loves books, music, and film. She is also deeply passionate about social justice issues such as racial and gender equality and making quality education accessible to all. She founded Hope Sews with the goal of providing greater income generation opportunities for women in developing countries. Hope Sews designs vibrant modern clothing made from authentic Ghanaian fabrics and donates electric sewing machines to seamstresses facing financial hardships. She believes that women leaders everywhere are the future and is dedicated to using business to create tangible social change on a global scale.

    Alisson Amaral


    Resident, Founder at EduQ Prep College


    Alisson is from Fortaleza, Brazil. He is passionate about learning new things, specially skills that he can apply to his daily life. He is not afraid of taking new opportunities and overnight changes. He founded EduQ Prep College with two other partners in 2017, and their mission is to provide a high quality and affordable consulting service for high school students that want to apply to college!

    Ella Wahlestedt


    Web Developer of eTower, Founder at MILOS


    Ella is a first-year at Babson. From the ages of 13 to 17, she worked as a full-time actress in Los Angeles and starred in numerous films, TV shows, and commercials. Aside from acting, she loves books, podcasts, and film. Ella is deeply passionate about psychology and neuroscience.

    Zaylan Jacobsen


    Resident, Founder at One God


    Zaylan is a full time pursuer of life and part time student entrepreneur from Seattle, Washington. He loves hiking, art, fitness and anything that will get his adrenaline pumping. He currently works on two different business projects – a grass roots content marketing agency, sponsormyadventure, and a Christian character development company and streetwear brand working with NCAA Division I football players, One God.

    Michael Ioffe


    Resident, Founder at TILE


    Michael is from Portland, Oregon. He loves architecture, jazz, film, and hiking. TILE is the world’s largest conversation series. With over 250 locations in 41 countries, TILE makes in-person conversations with innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs accessible to students worldwide.

    Zarius Dubash




    Zarius is a Diversity Leadership Scholar concentrating in Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Design. He's passionate about the intersection of people and technology, especially in the Internet of Things field. He is currently working to implement IoT for small businesses and nonprofits in pursuit of social impact. Zarius enjoys tennis and skiing, and lives his life with respect to Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds.

    Sumukh Setty


    Resident, Founder at Teendemy


    Sumukh is a freshman passionate about Venture Capital, Education, and all things entrepreneurship. He is a Venture Partner at Contrary Capital, a de-centralized university focused venture fund investing in the best and brightest university entrepreneurs. He also founded Teendemy, a educational initiative designed to teach teenagers soft skills and life skills that aren't taught in modern education, and is currently transitioning it into his own podcast.

    Hayoung Park


    Resident, Founder at Wingspan


    Hayoung was born in South Korea but moved to Maryland when he was 8. He loves empowerment, personal development, and taking action. With those three principles in mind, he founded Wingspan, a nonprofit organization that facilitates and accelerates professional development. By making resources available, Wingspan empowers students to do more.

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